Free Toothbrush for Halloween!

Do to all the sweets being eaten this month, our Halloween special is FREE toothbrushes!! Don't let that stop you though, eat another sweet and let us give each groom a free toothbrush add on. This offer starts October 10th, 2017 and ends October 31st, 2017. 

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Make sure to let us know if you qualify for our many discounts: Active military, Senior (people over 65), Multi pet (3 or more), and long term (30 days or more), and our NEW hunter/fisher discount (active licenses)


Drop-Off and Pick-Up Times:

Mon. - Sat. 8am- 11am and 3pm - 6pm

We do close between 11am and 3pm, as this is when we do our grooming.

PLEASE NOTE: Our last pick-up time is 545pm and our last drop off is at 530pm in order to get everyone tucked in and acquainted.

Sun. 3pm -6pm only

FREE tours by appointment only

We try very hard to keep the above scheduled times for our current guests' comfort~ so please give us a call if your schedule should happen to change ~ we appreciate your understanding.

Pamper Your Pet

Here at Pampered Paws ~ Dog Boarding, Grooming & Daycare, we believe that people aren't the only ones who should be pampered. Your pet deserves a day of dog grooming, too! Bring your furry friend over for the afternoon and we'll make their fur shine-guaranteed.

We love to make your pets look their cutest.

Regardless of breed, size and age, we welcome all pets to Pampered Paws ~ Dog Grooming Salon. Before your dog grooming session starts, we'll sit down with you to discuss grooming needs, behavior and health. Then, we'll create a custom grooming plan for you. We promise a safe and clean environment for all pets, at all times.

All of our grooms are all inclusive. Each groom includes a double shampoo, conditioning treatment, a brush out, blow out, nail trim, a haircut (depending on breed), ears cleaned, and a blueberry facial!

You can pick add-on services listed below. If you bundle the Sanitary Cut and the Face Trim you can save $5.00 and receive them together for $20.00.

Boarding and Daycare

Large Dog

Over 51 Pounds


Medium Dogs

21-50 Pounds


Small Dogs

Under 20 Pounds



Dog must establish a schedule and come
once a week regularly for this rate



20 pounds or less

Small with a short coat such as a

$30.00 and up

20-50 pounds

Longer coat such as Yorkie, ShihTzu, etc.

$40.00 and up

50 pounds and up

Short coated large dogs such as a Lab, 

$45.00 and up


Standard Poodles, St. Bernards, Mastiffs, etc.

$65.00 and up


You get to take your toothbrush home!


Shed Treatment

Extra moisturizing shampoo and 
conditioner that help release the under-


Sanitary Cut

A close shave around the potty area


Face Trim

Clean around the eyes and mouth