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Srping Break is just around the corner!!!

Hello Everyone!

Pampered Paws is holding its 1st Annual Super Bowl Sunday Pool!!

There will be 100 squares to sell for a $10 per square. Your donation can be used for any future service here at Pampered Paws and we are adding 350.00 to the prize pool. $10 for your chance at $1350.00!!

Please like and share this post with all of your friends on Facebook, who knows, maybe we'll have enough interest to have two (2) prize pools!!

We will be posting the squares in the near future for folks to pick their squares.

Winners will be posted on Facebook on February 13th, during the Super Bowl

Keep an eye out, this should be a lot of fun for everyone

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Boarding and Daycare

Large Dog

Over 51 Pounds


Medium Dogs

21-50 Pounds


Small Dogs

Under 20 Pounds


Daycare(f‚Äčirst day FREE)




chihuahua, min. pin.

$35.00 and up

yorkies, maltese

$50.00 and up

shih tzu, bichon frise, mini schnauzer, mini poodle

$50.00 and up

standard poodles, full sized doodles 

$95.00 and up


You get to take your toothbrush home!


Shed Treatment

Extra moisturizing shampoo and conditioner that help release the under-
coat and moisturize the skin and coat, which will reduce shedding by approx.   80%


Sanitary Cut

A close shave around the    potty area


Face Trim

Clean around the eyes and mouth


Nail Trim

Dogs, Cats, Hamsters,         Rabbits, etc.